Work: My Career

As many of you might know, I used to be an academic (some days I wish I still was) but alas, after much soul-searching that was not the career for me. So almost 2 years ago now I quit that life.

I regret taking so long to get myself out of that situation. I knew after the first few months pursuing a PhD didn’t make me happy but others encouraged me to stay to follow through that was my dream after all.

Was it?

I know now it wasn’t. The problem 2 years ago is there was no plan B. I was lost. Sure I had two degrees but not in a field that on its own is marketable.

So I turned to friends both online and in the real world for guidance. Someone suggested I look in to HR more specifically into corporate training. Well that sounded right up my alley. I actually love creating and delivering lessons/learning products (and no I didn’t want to teach – I could easily have gotten into that field but kids aren’t thing). So I investigated and applied to a few HR programs at local colleges. I got in and started last September.

I thought I would go I’m with the belief that I would certainly look to specialize in training once the course was complete. It turns out that I love all aspects of the job really except perhaps compensation (only because of my aversion to numbers). I love contracts, orientation, health & safety, etc. I truly am happy and think I’ve found a career that suits me and that I find fulfilling.

I am 3 courses away from competing my HR certificate and I will finally be done school for awhile in December. Relief!

And after not quite 2 months of unemployment I’ve found a job that’s a perfect entry-level position. I will be exposed to all aspects of HR. While I am only 2 days in, the organization is great. My boss checks up on me regularly and my coworker who is training me is sweet and patient, which is essential. All in all things are going swimmingly.

For the first time in years I feel like I have a direction again. I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I’m no longer clueless about the route to get there.


10 thoughts on “Work: My Career

  1. THIS is the most heartwarming post I have read in a good long while! Wow, if this is what the new blog does for you, then please continue. It makes me so happy.

  2. Actually, I’d once considered training as a career too. It was the financials that stopped me, as I was already doing something else that paid better.

    I’m glad I stayed with what I do, as I now really enjoy it. But when I get to dabble with training–doesn’t happen often, which is why it’s only dabbling–I like that too. 🙂

  3. This post you’ve written is like a mirror. Likewise, I was trained and professionalized as an academic, and for almost a decade made that my purpose in life before I realised that, while I like reading and pulling books apart, students drive me batty. I jumped–maybe evolved?–into another master life narrative: marketing in the corporate world, which I thought was soulless but which ended up being a blessing–sans the whiny students clamoring at my door with their horrid papers. A toast your new direction!

    • Thank you.

      I loved my students though – it was the solitary act of researching that did me in. I once went an entire week without speaking to anyone face to face – not good.

  4. so good to hear 🙂 i’m currently going through the “omgz what do i do with my LIFE” thing, and i hope i have the happy outcome you seem to have come upon 🙂

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