Right now everything feels shitty.

I have the stomach flu, which caused me to miss the sample sale at work and seeing my best friend A. We haven’t seen each other in 2 months and I miss her so much.

I’m green, not only with the flu but with jealousy because The Gay Boyfriend is in Montréal without me right now. He’s there with another friend of his. They’ve been apartment hunting for the friend (something he hasn’t offered to do with me), shopping, they went to the hockey game tonight, etc. Going to Montréal has been our thing for years. We go for a weekend and hang out, see a game, shop…And on top of it all, his trip is causing us to miss out on another one of our things – seeing Harry Potter on opening night.

Maybe I’m just being overly dramatic about it all. Maybe it’s not really that big of a deal but it feels like I’m being replaced and that I don’t matter like I used to. Maybe this all seems so dire because right now I’m exhausted and sick and just plain in a bad head space but I am not handling it well.

And The Boyfriend and I are having a  fight of sorts. I hate it and it’s awful and I want to make it stop.

I feel like everyone has just disappeared on me…and being sick and alone sucks.


2 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. I’ve definitely been there. Sometimes it’s purely the mood, or me psyching myself out. (I’ll say something to someone, and then I won’t hear from them when I usually do, and I’ll think “is it because of what I said???” only to find out later that everything is perfectly fine, and I’m just being stupid.)

    But the fight will pass, the illness will pass, and you’ll be fine again before you know it. 🙂

    • I think I am just being overly-emotional this week. It’s been rough for a lot of reasons and I just wasn’t/am not handling it well. I’m trying to get some perspective on things.

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