Election Day – Go Vote!

If you follow me on Twitter (@MlleAuroreB) this past month has seen me discussing two extremely important things to the Canadian people:  The NHL Playoffs and the Canadian federal election (and yes, for most that’s probably the right order).

Well today is the day of reckoning for all of the parties and the people will finally get to voice their opinions.

I started my voting career as a Liberal. I was lucky enough to participate in an election, which was shortly after my 18th birthday. Even back then, I was an engaged voter and interested in the politics of my nation, my province and to a limited degree my municipality.

As often happens, a change in party leadership also brings with it a change in priorities and handling of members. There were some questionable actions that forced a long-standing, well-known representative of my city out of her riding in favour of someone who supported the new leader. This completely turned me off of the Liberals.

That wasn’t the only thing that changed my voting habits. As I’ve aged, gone through university and accumulated debt, been part of a union, seen the need for more social funding, etc. my politics shifted even further to the left and to the NDP.

I am voting NDP again this election. Though I now live in what’s considered a Liberal riding. I actually met the Liberal candidate at an event I was attending in my riding. She definitely seemed lovely but we didn’t talk politics – that’s not why I was there.

These past few years have been a political roller-coaster with prorogation, contempt of parliament charges, scandals, and of course the instability of having a minority parliament for 5 years.

At this moment I am beyond confused as to how anyone can in good conscience vote Conservative – the scandals, which are “rare” in Canadian politics; the wall of silence; the denial; the fear-mongering; etc.

Yes, I fully admit I have a leftist bias and I’m not in denial enough to believe politicians are above reproach or making mistakes but when one party is continually plagued with these issues and none of them are dealt with in any reasonable manner (throwing all your junior staffers under the bus is not really addressing the issues)…

I get the impression that this is the first election I will see where things will not be clearly decided on election night as to which party/parties will be leading Canada in the near future.

Regardless of my personal politics I hope all the Canadians out there will take the time to get out and vote. This time it is critical for so many reasons.


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