An Open Love Letter to Maui Kink

Aloha Maui Kink!

I’m not even sure I know how to properly express how I feel about the custom flogger you designed for my Daddy and his little spoon. Truly, it’s amazing.

First, I have to say that your customer service is exceptional. Daddy and I both had “ideas” about what we wanted but the final product is really beyond our expectations. As a customer you have to put your faith in people you’ll never meet and hope they can bring into being what you need. You did that for us.

I have to say, seeing the first pictures of our flogger had me so excited I think I was bouncing off the walls. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it – and to show Daddy. You see the engraving that was a surprise; it says D & ls. One I’m quite proud of if I do say so myself. The only trouble was, once I had the picture I wanted so badly to share that the secret was out before its time. The amazing thing – Daddy absolutely loves it!

As I tracked its progress across the continent to my home, I hoped and wished it would be what we wanted and most importantly, what we needed to play the way we want to. When I picked up the box I was thrown off by how heavy it was. I’ve held floggers before, even really thuddy ones but this seemed heavy. I practically ran home to open it. As soon as the box was opened I was overwhelmed by the scent of leather. Yum! I delicately unwrapped it – handle first. I must have spent 10 minutes tracing the engraving before I remembered it was attached to the actual flogger part. I was in awe really. The look of the handle – mango wood with a high gloss shine – and the falls – bison leather. I sat on my couch just revelling in it. Touching it. Smelling it. Getting positively wet and the thoughts about what it would feel like on my skin. It was delicious and it hadn’t been used yet. 

I was good. I hung it up in my closet. I didn’t play with it. I didn’t hit myself with it…boy did I want to but I wanted Daddy to use it first.

When I finally showed it to Daddy in real life his first comment was, “This is really heavy.” I giggled and watched him swing it back and forth, getting wetter by the second. We didn’t play just then but if he had grabbed me and thrown me down then to try it out I wouldn’t have objected.

Later that night when it came out again, it was well used. We asked for thuddy – we got thuddy. As I was lying naked across the bed, I can remember smelling the leather each time it came down on me. I remember thinking, this is a good purchase. As Daddy flogged me, I got deeper and deeper into my happy place – sighs. It felt as though every strike was forcing my entire body down into the bed. That flogger’s no joke. The sheer weight of it is intense but add to that Daddy putting extra oomph behind the strikes and I began to wonder if it were possible to crack a rib or something.

When all the flogger bits settled, Daddy’s new comment was, “They (Maui Kink) sure know what they’re doing.”

So thank you Maui Kink for giving this masochist and her sadist the toy of their dreams and their fantasies.




3 thoughts on “An Open Love Letter to Maui Kink

  1. You really captured every moment and nuance and sense and sensation.

    From my perspective it was the heft and the impact. Seeing what each thud did to you. How each one seemed to push you farther and deeper. I wondered at times where you had gone. But gone you were.

    Bringing you back was good fun too.

    Thank you little spoon

    [as always, our timing is less than impeccable 😉 ]

  2. You are both very welcome! We enjoy creating custom items knowing that they will be much loved and used well. Enjoy the flogger and we hope if brings you both some very happy and memorable moments.

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