In my head this second

I like looking at engagement/wedding photos not because I want to get married but because I want to look that happy some day.


My biological clock might be broken or just dysfunctional but I want a puppy so bad it hurts. Maybe I’m just using it as a more viable and realistic substitute for a baby/relationship/human love and affection but my goodness their sheer cuteness makes me want to burst!


I am running out of patience for people and their immature bs.


I have yet to figure out why I seem to be good enough to fuck and do all kinds of sordid shit with but I’m never good enough to be in a relationship with. When hookups from days gone by try to get into my pants again I think they must really miss what I have to offer but none of them ever even ask if I want to go out for a drink. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve hooked up with men I couldn’t talk to for 10 minutes before I’d jump them just to shut them up but it’s usually just about getting off.

These days, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I follow blogs and people on twitter who seem to be trying to bed everyone they come in contact with and I just don’t quite get it.

I’ve scratched that itch.

I need substance not just a dick. I have more than enough replicas in my possession that random dicks aren’t required.


My boss gave me a book to read and I can’t get into it. It bores me. I think I’m just going to give it back to her.


I need Christmas to be over like yesterday. This time of year is just incredibly depressing for me. Add to that year #6 of spending NYE with the Gay BF because neither of us has anyone else to spend it with – that is becoming more depressing to me than xmas. Fuck, I have been single too long at this point.


Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong? I mean I see people in couples – people who can barely tie their shoes – and yet there they are in love and loved.


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