Out With The Old…

2011 the year of bad decisions and awful experiences.

~ Went to Vegas cool but I don’t really “get” it. My favourite experiences involved maple bacon for breakfast, O, and the Hoover Dam.

~ I fought like hell to be made permanent at my job and I was – yay! Sadly, it took 3 of the most emotionally and mentally draining months to make it happen.

~ I learned that people and their online personas are just that. Dating someone who fashions himself a rogue, leads to exactly what you would expect and despite him being 12 years my senior, he acted like a child in the end.

~ I participated in an affair. Knowingly. And despite the nature of our relationship, he’s one of the best people I have ever known. Thank you.

~ I dated a man who raped me.

~ I spent a lot of time in therapy.

~ I went to Montreal and played the tourist: visiting Notre Dame, riding around in a horse drawn carriage and of course seeing that Habs (they lost but I loved it anyway!).

~ I went to Playground, which was an amazing experience. I can’t wait for next year!

~ I tried to seek refuge in the Ex-Boyfriend. That man is so far under my skin, I really worry I will never get him out.

~ I’ve started to get my finances in order – saving, investing, doing the appropriate grown up things.

I am going to try to put the unpleasantness of last year behind me, I have to. I have to keep moving forward. As much as there are some awful things that happened this year, somehow, once again, I’ve found the strength to just keep swimming.


2 thoughts on “Out With The Old…

  1. as I was saying…a few pleasanter things you may want to consider adding to your year end list:
    – You finished you school programme and, even with all the fussing, passed your accounting exam.
    – You made a new close friend.
    – You rose on the back of a motorcycle for the first time.
    – You passed the exam that now allows you to add a few more letters after your name and title.
    – You went for the calculated nuclear option to secure your job and were, in very short order, quite successful.
    – Marcel and the 2 other minor stuffie characters came into your life.
    – You laughed alot and cried alot.
    – You regularly pulled up your “big girl panties” and got on with things.
    – You gotta bunch of new toys.
    – You had some “almost normal” times.
    – You loved and were loved and still are loved. Alot.

    Need I go on?

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