Dear Ignorant Co-Workers

I. While discussing the Grammys last week during lunch you offended me in about 10 different ways but your ignorance just makes me pity you. No, Chris Brown shouldn’t have performed and been awarded a Grammy. No, dressing the way Rhianna does not make her slutty or trashy or loose (if I had her body I’d be naked 24/7). And most importantly, those people who like to be hit for pleasure *do not* like the type of abuse that Chris Brown thinks is appropriate (myself included).

II. I realise that you are an older woman from a different generation and getting married and having a baby is something that a woman my age should be doing now but I’m not. You’ve asked me and I’ve told you more than once now I don’t even have a boyfriend so marriage and babies aren’t on my to-do list now. So every time we sit down to lunch together it becomes more and more awkward. You outdid yourself, however, when I told you I don’t even think I want kids and you followed up with, “I was selfish when I was younger too. You’ll feel differently.”

This coupled with the Passive-Aggressive Co-Worker makes for an interesting work situation most days.


5 thoughts on “Dear Ignorant Co-Workers

  1. Ugh. Double ugh. I’m sorry. That really sucks. And if I had a body like RiRi, I’d be naked all the time too. Oh wait… 🙂

  2. I have to put my personal feelings for Rihanna aside when thinking about the whole Chris Brown debacle. Whilst I do not condone and will never condone his atrocious actions towards her that night, I’m finding it difficult to adopt the position of he should be shunned and ridiculed for the rest of his life. This isn’t something I can properly convey in a comment and would love to have a conversation about it with you.

    That being said, no Rihanna’s clothes or sexual proclivities had zero to do with what happened and anyone that thinks that is beyond ignorant. I’m just less inclined to forever hate a person who owned up, turned himself in, carried out his punishment and spoke with/apologised to the victim of his crime and hasn’t repeated the act since. I can think of people (Mr. Polanski) that have done worse and gotten away with it.

  3. “And most importantly, those people who like to be hit for pleasure *do not* like the type of abuse that Chris Brown thinks is appropriate (myself included).”

    This. A million times. As a sex-positive feminist and more-than-dabbler in BDSM, I cannot stress this enough. And on that note, I need everyone to jump off Rihanna for the S&M vid as if making it shows she somehow ‘deserves’ abuse. Eff outta here.

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