Losing the battle

I feel like my body and I are currently in the middle of a battle…one I am starting to get rather disheartened about.

Back in January I changed my diet in an effort to control my IBS. I’m happy to report that for the most part, my IBS symptoms have calmed right down. Yes, if I cheat and have gluten, lactose, high fat foods or alcohol, my stomach is not impressed with me but even then it doesn’t come close to the pain and digestive distress I had before I made those changes.

Around the same time some of the joints in my hands started to ache a little at first but within a week or two they were in almost constant pain. By the time I saw my doctor a month later (I was too stubborn to go before) my hands were quite swollen. Since that appointment we’ve been trying to get the inflammation under control. So far it’s not really improving. While the pain isn’t as severe, it’s still ongoing and the more I use my hands the worse it gets. Lately typing, lifting garbage and doing dishes are just some of my daily tasks that have become painful.

So far it doesn’t seem likely I have rheumatoid arthritis but I did test positive for the markers for lupus but so does 20% of the general population. So I’m waiting to see when the next round of blood tests say. Hopefully, I’ll have more news on Friday when I visit with my family doctor.

Compounding this is the fact that my NSAIDs are causing extreme nausea and heartburn. While I’ve been prescribed medication to counteract that I’m still experiencing far too much discomfort to continue with those drugs. Just when I got my stomach under control there’s a new irritant I can’t really control.

The choice is a happy tummy or hand so sore I can barely move them so it’s not really a choice at all.

So the swelling, throbbing and aching continues and spreads. It’s not longer contained to just my hands but has moved to my wrists, forearms, shoulders and this weekend my feet and ankles.

I know I’m not dying and that in the grand scheme of things this isn’t that horrendous but it’s so frustrating to know that I was making improvement to my health to my lifestyle only to be thwarted by my own body.


4 thoughts on “Losing the battle

  1. Hmm this is perplexing. So is their now something in your diet that is missing since you changed it and now you are feeling this swelling and pain? I do hope the doctors get on this. Wishing you a speedier recovery.

  2. I want to hug you. You know I stand in solidarity with you when it comes to IBS and stomach issues. I also struggle with my knees and I know treatment is neither easy nor pleasant. I will tell you that Voltarol emulgel really did help with my knees – it’s a gel/creme for painful inflammation so please, if you can, check it out. I do hope it helps ♥

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