#Scintilla – The Sweetest Thing

I had just started university in the fall of 1998.

One night in early September my next door neighbour in the dorm had promised to take me out to a club downtown. My first club in the big city. I was excited but I never made it out.

Instead, that night, I met The Actor. He was on the waterpolo team with my neighbour and they were heading to a meet in the morning.

He was tall, dark hair, blue eyes…to this day that combination still melts me.

At 19, I didn’t know how to flirt, how to engage him but I was drawn to him. The two of us bantered back and forth all night. I was hooked on him. And when he politely asked me, as we were sitting on my bed in our pjs, if he could kiss me, I swooned.

We only had that one semester together but it was a whirlwind romance.

One night, he conspired with my friends and my roomate to pull off one of the most romantic gestures anyone has ever done for me. My friend and I went out shopping and while I was out I bought U2’s Greatest Hits Album. When we finally got back to my dorm, I couldn’t figure out why the light was on in my room but I brushed it off until I walked in the door. There he was, sitting on my bed beneath 112 paper hearts floating on invisible string above my bed, and the Sweetest Thing was playing.

A blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl…

The Sweetest Thing

So now whenever I hear that song, which isn’t too often anymore. It brings a smile to my face and reminds me of my time with The Actor and our brief and happy little love affair when we were young and innocent.


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