#Scintilla – My list

1. Visit Paris
2. Read Les Misérables & Mme. Bovary (finally!)
3. Buy a car
4. Move back to my hometown
5. Get back down to 130-140 lbs
6. Make 1 new friend in real life
7. Meet some of my online friends in real life: M, D, K, O (can you figure it out?)
8. See a movie at TIFF
9. Attend Juste Pour Rire
10. Skate on the Rideau Canal
11. Visit every province (BC, AB, SK, MB, PEI, NL, YK, NU, NWT – I’ve been to the others)
12. Get a puppy!
13. Try skiing
14. Learn how to make an authentic Cassoulet & macarons
15. Finish a knitting project (so many have been started, none completed)
16. Reestablish my friendship with my best girlfriend A
17. Get my tattoo finished
18. Learn how to apply eyeliner without blinding myself
19. Buy and wear a bathing suit
20. Travel alone
21. Finally work through my therapy workbook (I’ve been avoiding it for months now)
22. Date again
23. Be happy with myself


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