Much more than a vacation

There are so many stories to tell. So much I could say but I feel like my words won’t do the experiences justice.

This vacation was a much-needed and well deserved break from my life and the stresses and the disappointments I’ve had recently. And, most importantly it’s been a turning point for me.

Self care has become my motto these days.

When I went to work two weeks ago Friday I was already in vacation mode (my boss went easy on me) and I tied up loose ends before I left. I was already thinking ahead to that night of drinking, food and new friends in Toronto with @metricjulie. That night deserves its own post. Suffice it to say it was awesome!

Sunday the Gay Boyfriend and I got in his car to make the 9 hour drive to Boston. It was an awesome road trip. The weather was perfect. Customs was a breeze. My stomach didn’t misbehave and most importantly we didn’t get lost. It would have been impossible to get lost – you hop on the I-90 and drive east until you hit Boston.

Boo! Go Habs Go!

While our hotel was a little odd – not quite your typical bland place – across from the TD Garden it was perfect for our stay. We were able to walk almost everywhere.

Cannoli from heaven inside!

The first night we took a stroll around the North End and stumbled onto Little Italy. Well actually I was hunting Mike’s Pastry boxes. We soon found it and I got my first of three (it’s vacation calories don’t count, right?) cannolis. We didn’t eat in Little Italy though because the soccer game had just finished and it was a crowded mess. We took our Mike’s box and continued to walk. We ended up at the Rose Kennedy Memorial Rose Garden.

Dinner was seafood…lunch was seafood…repeat.I ate three different kinds of chowdah. (I’m still mad I didn’t buy the silly giant cup that said Chowdah on it!) I had my first lobster roll (cold).

Chowdah & Lobster Roll

I didn’t schedule every moment of our trip. I took naps in the afternoon. Strolled at a leisurely pace and just enjoyed myself.

It felt like breathing freely for the first time in a long time.

One evening I was lucky enough to meet @Hubman & @VeronicaASM for dinner. Now if you follow them and their blogs you know they are open, sexy people. Honestly, their blogs don’t do them justice. My crushes on them have grown tenfold. Beyond the physical, they are possibly two of the kindest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. The conversation was easy and fun and best of all we went for cannolis for dessert! When they finally visit Canada I will return the hospitality!

For me though the most incredible experience was in the Atlantic when we went whale watching. While I’m not a big swimmer I love being near water. There’s something so incredibly calming about water for me. As we were making our way to the area where the whales had been spotted the day before, I was serene. Looking out on the water, feeling the cold wind blowing right through me…it was refreshing. Even as I had the chance to get in my head and unravel all of my stresses and anxieties, I realised there were none in there in that moment.

The Atlantic

Gorgeous creature

Momma and calf

I was worried that we might not see any whales but we got lucky there were two individual humpback whales, named Hancock and Orbit, and then a mom, Boomerang, and her calf that made an appearance. Seeing those beautiful creatures in their habitat, enjoying themselves…there are no words. I was running around on the upper deck of the boat trying to get the best view as they would swim around and pop up on different sides of the boat. It was incredible. Truly awe-inspiring.

I loved Boston the mix of the historical and the new. The feel. The people. The accent (most noticeable at Fenway Park). I wish I could be back on vacation…

The Green Monster


2 thoughts on “Much more than a vacation

  1. Oh I’m happy you had time to recharge and that you had a wonderful time. Slightly jealous of those that got to meet you, but I know that our time is coming soon ♥

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