This space

I’ve been thinking about what this space has become, what is was and what I want it to be.

Currently, it’s where I vent my frustrations about RA and work but it was never supposed to be that.

I started this blog when I found my sex blog (gasp) waning. It’s hard to have a sex blog when you are in the driest of dry spells. I also found myself not quite fitting into that community the way I did when my previous blog was at the height of its popularity. That said, I met a few wonderful people from that experience who are still around and I love them dearly.

So what do I want this space to be? I don’t know. The reason I don’t write under my real name is I say things I don’t want attached to me in my professional life. It’s really that simple. Having said that I don’t feel free to always write what I want here. It’s not like my previous blog where if I wanted to just wax poetic about an intimate experience I could. I mean I guess I could this is my space and if you don’t like it get off my lawn but I feel like knowing the people who read my words censors me. To be clear I’m not talking about writing erotica like I used to – I’ve actually be mulling a post about my experiences with sex and RA but I would say some very personal things and now that some people can associate a face/acquaintance to these words it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t even think the post would be gratuitous just a frank discussion about what they do not tell single people or any people about sex and RA. I know others have talked about it but I think my previous life add something to that.

Going forward I don’t know what this will become. Maybe I’ll make this my rheum blog. Maybe I’ll set up a real life blog, I’ve toyed with writing about HR issues and things I’d love to discuss along those lines. Maybe I’ll set up another pseudonym and start over free to be who I want again on the Internet. I miss those days.


One thought on “This space

  1. I “get” the feeling of constraint based on those you’ve attracted to this space.

    Ultimately this space (and any other you choose to set up) is your space. Use it, or not, in the way that is in your comfort zone. The rear of us will catch up. I, for one, will follow your writing & stories from your life where ever I may.

    Love your voice & gentle *huggs*


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