#Scintilla13 – The Scotch Experience

The Scintilla Project

Today’s prompt: Tell a story about a time you got drunk before you were legally old enough to do so.

You never forget your first time or so they say. I wish I could forget mine.

It was only my second trip to Montreal and I was hoping this time I’d get to do more of what I wanted now that I was a teenager. 13 years & 4 months old and all I wanted was to be as cool and as fun as my older cousin Michelle, who was already above the legal drinking age.

After the six hour car ride to their home in Brossard, we were ushered in, the dusty travellers, and offered a drink. My uncle mentioned he had a great scotch (in my family of scotch-drinkers this is a must) so all the adults said they’d have one. So being 13 and testing boundaries I said,

“I’ll have what she’s (Michelle) was having.”

So my uncle, not missing a beat says,

“Sure. Straight up or on the rocks?”

“Rocks!” Through giggles.

Then he put an ice filled glass in front of me and poured about 2 fingers of scotch. I laughed asked for juice instead but my uncle was adamant.

I wanted to be grown up so he was going to let me be grown up.

So while the family caught up around the dinner table I slowly sipped my scotch. Every sip elicited a wince from me and a grin from my uncle. I swear there are far too many sadists in my family!

By the time I finished the drink it was watered down but that didn’t change the effects – I was green and when I got up from the table I stumbled trying to make my way to the washroom. I don’t think until then that I’d ever wished I would vomit but I was praying, hoping and wishing I would just throw everything up. Sadly, there was no relief to be had.

That night I curled up in bed and wished for death it didn’t come but I did have a headache. In the morning my uncle made me a wonderful breakfast and took me to enjoy the sights. We’ve never spoken of the scotch experience since.

Not your traditional first time drunk story but I will say this for my uncle’s lesson – I never wanted to drink before I was of age and even a whiff of scotch makes me nauseous to this day (I am a shame to my scotch drinking family).


6 thoughts on “#Scintilla13 – The Scotch Experience

  1. You know, in Germany (where I am from) it’s very common for kids to be exposed to alcohol in their early teens under the supervision of family members… the good thing is that drinking alcohol becomes much less of a big deal and when you hit legal age, it’s ok to like or not like it.

    • I’d been having sips of wine or beer since I was about 4 from my family or parents at dinner or a party but this was my first experience with the hard stuff. It did make it less interesting to me as I got older.

    • I hated him a little too. I tried it again a few years ago with my friend’s husband – he loves it – I’d bought him a bottle and he opened it with me. I drank what he poured and I felt instantly nauseous 😦

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